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The gociety community
Gociety is a community of socially adventurous + awesome people
"I am more motivated to be active in the outdors with Gociety - there is always a new group doing something totaly awesome!"
Meghan W.
"Gociety bridges the gap between people seeking adventure, and those being actively adventurous"
Max K.
"I would have NEVER woken up all those morning at 6 a.m. to exercise had it not been for the Gociety crew's mojo."
Brittany G.
live heads up
We're nothing more than the sum of our experiences. We're the things we do and risks we take. Your life isn’t happening in your phone, so pick your head up and head out.
life's a garden, dig it
Life’s too short to be anything less than exactly who you want to be. And by extension, to let your friends be anything less than exactly who they want to be. Embrace it. And don’t take it too seriously.
adventure needs company
People are the frosting on the cake of life. They make it pretty, colorful, fun, festive, and layered. Plain and simple, it’s people that make the cake of life worth eating. So go ahead and put some more people in your cake - you deserve it.
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone
We exist in the safety of our comfort zones but we can only truly live when we expand our boundaries & push ourselves to grow.
Why Gociety?
The hardest part of leading an outdoor lifestyle can often be just finding someone to join you. So we built Gociety to help you get outside with awesome people around the sports you love; simply and spontaneously. No matter what it is you want to do outside, we believe someone else nearby wants to do the same thing — you just haven’t met them yet. Gociety is designed to help you find and connect with those people as simply as possible.
What is gociety?
Social networks help you connect with people you already know — Gociety helps you connect with and meet people you want to know. On paper, it’s a subtle difference. But in the real world, it’s a major gap in how people interact. We’d all like to think we’re brave enough to walk up to a stranger and invite them adventuring, but it’s never quite as simple as it sounds. Gociety makes finding and meeting new people fun, natural and easy. Bromances optional.
Meet the Team
Denver, Colorado

alex witkowicz

Founder & CEO

Alex keeps us running. A former photographer, his work has taken him on adventures to incredible places around the world. He likes skiing at A-Basin, mountain biking in Crested Butte, and perfecting his enchilada recipe.

anna thielke

co-founder & CTO

Anna is the geek. She has a keen eye for kerning and design as well as a passion for user experience. In her outdoor life, she's fond of skiing Monarch Mountain, snowshoeing the Never Summer Range and backpacking Maroon Bells to name a few.

jason antin

partnership development

Jason is the energizer bunny of the team that keeps us motivated. He's a mountain guide in his spare time, tackling rock, ice and alpine routes across the west. He also enjoys endurance sports where he can spend some loooong days with great people.

michael arriola

Community Manager

Michael is here to feed the fire and get the socially adventurous on board. Growing up around board sports he is always happy to see the sun shining on a glassy lake or the snow falling across the mountains. When it's time to slow down, the rock wall brings him a mixture of peace and adrenaline rarely found elsewhere.

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