Gociety. get outside, be awesome.

Gociety is a community of outdoor adventurers from around the world. We believe that no matter what you want to do outside, someone else nearby wants to do the same thing — you just haven’t met them yet.

Gociety helps connect you with those people, simply and spontaneously.


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how does it work?


  • See what trips other people are planning

  • Filter trips by region or activity

  • Find a plan that looks like fun and join it

  • Join plans nearby or wherever you’re visiting



  • Post a plan for a hike, a climb, a weekend ride or an after-work run

  • Provide details like where you're meeting and your intended pace

  • Go outside and be awesome

  • Post a recap of your trip with photos to realize greater internet fame or read through recaps others have posted

Gociety is a simple way to ask your city ‘hey, I’m going to hike this mountain, wanna join me?’
— Dan B., Denver
There are so many adventure seekers out there, but until Gociety, there just wasn’t a meaningful way to connect them.
— Ashley B., Seattle
Gociety has given me the chance to be vulnerable and try new things, all the while knowing I’m in good company.
— Jillian F., Denver

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