Gociety is a social network for people who love the outdoors.

Get outside, be awesome

Adventures are best when shared. We believe that no matter what you want to do outside, someone else nearby wants to do the same thing — you just haven’t met them yet.

So we built Gociety to help you get outside with awesome people; simply and spontaneously. 


Use Gociety to start and join outdoor plans, and meet people who share your passion for being active. Find adventures nearby, or in a place you're visiting.

  • Meet adventurous people 
  • Lead a more active lifestyle
  • Grow your adventure network
“Gociety is a simple way to ask your city ‘hey, I’m going to hike this mountain, wanna join me?’”
— Dan B., Denver

How is Gociety different?

Most social networks connect you with people you already know — Gociety connects you with people you want to know. On paper, it’s a subtle difference. But in the real world, it’s a major gap in how people interact. Gociety brings together people with a zest for life, and creates shared experiences in the outdoors that no other social network ever could.

“There are so many adventure seekers out there, but until Gociety, there just wasn’t a meaningful way to connect them.”
— Ashley B., Seattle

From day trips to dream trips, your adventure awaits: