Partner with Gociety

Partnering with Gociety gives your brand access to a very active millennial audience of outdoor enthusiasts of all types. Our members are climbers, mountaineers, backcountry skiers, hikers, backpackers, and just general outdoor fun-havers throughout the world. As consumers, they are dedicated to wellness, being active, and eating right and their active lifestyle influences what they buy including everything from outdoor gear to food, drink, and fashion.

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Research shows that millennials are more attached to experiences than products so to win millennials' loyalty, companies must do more than deliver high-quality products; brands have to present their products as part of an experience or a lifestyle that lets their millennial audience express themselves through the brand and allows them to exhibit the traits and affiliations that millennials wish to project.

Gociety offers partners an opportunity to engage with our community—your customers—in just such an authentic way. Our members are influential outdoor leaders who are loyal to brands that are extensions of their own values and status. They’re also just freakin’ cool.

Make an investment in the lifestyle your products support with Gociety.

Jason Antin
Director of Partnerships
(978) 857-8487