Gociety has pushed me to be even more active then I already was. Seeing what others are doing and what they’re capable of makes me want to push my limits and try new things.
— Ashley B.
Adventure sports communities are tight-knit, often making it difficult to find people of your caliber, or with just the right level of zaniness to try something new. Gociety solves this problem.
— Dan B.
I’ve always participated in adventure, but Gociety has added an element of spontaneity that didn’t exist before.
— Michele C.
I’m an explorer at heart, and Gociety has given me the opportunity to make goals and cross things off my bucket list. It has given me the chance to be vulnerable and try new things, all the while knowing I’m in good company.
— Jillian F.
Gociety is different because it comes from the heart; it’s becoming its own community, and that’s what people love to be a part of.
— Katie W.
I hope Gociety takes over the entire world…it would actually be a good thing! This world could use a little more time spent outside, it’s good for the soul.
— Brad S.
Gociety has had a great impact on my connection to the outdoor community. Not only have I met a bunch of new people, but I feel really plugged in to a great outdoor culture. Everyone is energetic, welcoming, and happy to be outdoors!
— Robin P.
The beauty of Gociety is that people are not separated by activities. Instead we are all brought together as people who love to DO. We are not our hobbies, our pastimes or our TV shows. We are what gets up at 4AM to climb mountains. We are adventure.
— Joe P.

New adventures, new friends. Find both on Gociety: